AWY - staying close to eldery people

How can elderly people be better connected with their social environment? Based on this question the service concept AWY arose, which allows aged people to stay close to their family and relatives by involving them in their digital communication channels. Easy participation could prevent the elderly generation from feeling lonely, isolated or social disconnected.

My role


Technologies & Tools

Google Firebase
Raspberry Pi
Google Home


User Studies
Field Research
User Tests



AWY is a digital service concept, which allows aged people to stay close to their family and relatives by involving them in our digital communication channels. AWY serves as a bridge between the different communication services. The received content is embedded in the own app structure and will be displayed in the senior friendly AWY user interface.

AWY is developed for and with seniors. With the service concept, which also serves as my bachelor project, I went through a funded ideation and research process with the target group itself.
To help the elderly to overcome their distrust and struggle with technical devices, as well as to relieve discomfort, I tried to incorporate the principle of a digital touchscreen into a analog way.
Only place big buttons makes a User Interface not accessible to seniors. With my design language, I tried to simplify the previously identified difficulties with technical devices. This included some measures:

- Reducing the functions
- Prominent, explanatory, and contrast full UI elements
- A simple and logical user flow
- Easy handling with intuitive gestures
The mailbox collects incoming media from the daily life of family members, friends and relatives. Users of AWY can receive instant data like text, photos, videos and audio files. This data will be displayed in a senior friendly way.
Seniors can localize their contacts (only if they allowed it) on an interactive map in real time. Also received content such as photos and videos can be discovered geographically.
With a simple gesture, content can be sent directly from AWY's mailbox to the TV and displayed in this way in a large and user- friendly size.