Fabricating Holograms

Fabricating Holograms

Spatial drawing is very interesting with regard to many areas of application. With the project «Fabricating Holograms» the finger is used as an invisible brush. Paint a spatial image freely in the air. The output is displayed holographically in real time.

My role


Technologies & Tools

Leap Motion Sensor


Rapid Prototyping

Year & Partners

2016, Alexander Blaschek & Enea Ingellis

Planning and reconstruction of the holographic principle
Using a construct made of MDF panels and plexiglass, we used the principle of projection. Glass panels at a precise angle of 45° inclined to the light source, make the object in the room float. Using a second light source and the associated construct, rotated by 180 °, additionally amplifies the spatial effect.
An application written in Processing with the integration of a Leap motion sensor tracks the finger movement and spatially reflects it in real time in an three dimensional way.
The project «Fabrication holograms» is the output of the Digital Fabrication module and combine various technologies that together can identify new paths and application areas.