Mobile UI for Kunsthaus Zurich

Mobile UI for Kunsthaus Zurich

The Kunsthaus app allows visitors of the exhibition to rate paintings virtually, like back in the days than in former France. Throughout a five-week module I'm asked to design an interactive experience for the visitors of the Kunsthaus Zürich. In particular for the exhibition «Gefeiert & verspottet, Französische Malerei 1820-1880».

My role


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Atomic Design
High-fidelity prototyping
User Testing

The app serves as a central information point for all information about the Kunsthaus Zürich. Additional exhibition-specific internal applications are directly integrated into the app and are updated according to the exhibition program.
The interactive guide for the exhibition «Gefeiert & verspottet» tries to integrate people into the this timeepoch and conveys information on the artworks acoustically.